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Benqi Quiz Answers

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Q1. Which blockchain is benqi deployed on select the best answer?

Ans: Benqi is implemented on the blockchain called Avalanche.

Q2. Which of the following is part of Benqi’s suite of protocols?

Ans: BENQI Liquid Staking and BENQI Markets are two of the protocols offered by Benqi.

Q3. What is the purpose of the Qi token?

Ans: Within the BENQI ecosystem, the Qi token is used for utility and governance purposes.

Q4. What is the most commonly used protocol suite?

Ans: In networking, the TCP/IP protocol suite is most often used.

Q5. Why is protocol suite important?

Ans: Because they specify how data is packetized, addressed, sent, routed, and received in a network, protocol suites are essential.

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