Clothes are a significant self-expression element, allowing individuals to share their ideas with the world without verbalization. For example, you may wear a T-shirt imprinted with graphics from your favorite TV show to express appreciation or wear a hoodie from your alma mater to commemorate your college days. Moreover, fashion items can function as conversation starters, especially among individuals with common interests.

Dressing up to express your ideals is precisely what America’s patriotic apparel industry is about. Although most Americans save their patriotic clothes for the 4th of July, you can add a patriotic touch to your daily fashion staples and honor your country through style, as highlighted below.

The History Of Patriotic Clothes In The US

Patriotic clothing is a quintessentially American phenomenon. But where did this tradition come from?

Patriotism in America means love of the country and support for the troops and first responders. The concept of patriotism in America came to be during the American Revolution/Independence War when the 13 colonies united to fight off the British. It was during this period that the American flag came to be, and it featured 13 stars and stripes representing the 13 colonies.

Although the American flag as we see it today underwent a few changes, it remains the most prominent symbol of American unity. Besides the American Revolution, the flag was a call to unity during other wars, including World Wards 1& 2.

While Americans hoisted the country’s flag on their front porches, patriotic apparel came to be until the 70s, during the hipster counter-culture. Fast forward to 2023, and patriotic clothing has a massive following, inspiring the rise of mens patriotic shirts and other entities that ensure a year-round supply of patriotic-themed apparel. The club offers members exclusive patriotic apparel items at discounted prices, delivered to your doorstep each month.

So, how do you express your patriotism through everyday wardrobe staples rather than waiting until the 4th of July to adorn your patriotic clothing items? Keep reading for actionable tips.

1. Go For The Classic Patriotic T-shirt

T-shirts are a classic yet timeless fashion item and a staple in the closets of American Men and Women. The US is among the countries generating the highest revenue from T-shirt sales compared to any other apparel category.

On the one hand, T-shirts are exceedingly popular in the US because they are comfortable, versatile, and readily available fast fashion items. Moreover, depending on your style, you can style them as high fashion or casual wear, and everything in between.

Nonetheless, the most significant T-shirt characteristic making the T-shirt an inextricable patriotic fashion element is that it is a blank canvas and serves as a medium for any message. Patriots can print patriotic messages and graphics on a T-shirt and then style it alongside everyday staples. T-shirts allow patriots to live and express their messages about love for the country daily rather than only on the 4th of July.

On the one hand, patriotic T-shirts are available in almost every American retail store, including mega e-commerce platforms. However, consider joining a patriotic T-shirt club to receive an exclusive T-shirt bearing a profound patriotic message monthly; it’s like Christmas every month.

2. Utilize The Patriotic Color Scheme

While T-shirts are timeless American classics, they can be too casual for certain settings. Nonetheless, you can still display patriotism through everyday clothing by adhering to the flag’s color scheme.

images 2

The American flag is stunning in red, white, and blue. You can display patriotism while keeping it classy by adapting the beautiful flag-inspired color scheme to your closet.

The American flag color scheme also works for a semi-casual look. For example, it fits into the preppy summer look, whereby a patriotic gent wears a denim shirt, white chino shorts, and red and blue boat shoes. Ladies could also pull the semi-casual patriotic look with a pair of blue jeans, a red top, and a white blazer; the possibilities stemming from this patriotic color scheme are limitless.

3. Wear Stripes And Stars

Besides the color scheme, stars and stripes are another fashionable element on the American flag. Like T-shirts, stripes are exceptionally versatile and may feature on diverse male and female style options, including dresses, shirts, T-shirts, jumpsuits, pants, sweaters, and blazers.

Moreover, vertical stripes can make you appear leaner and taller. Therefore, consider incorporating white and red or white and blue stripes into your patriotic closet. On the other hand, stars printed against a white, red, or blue background also add a patriotic touch to your closet.

4. Baseball Headwear

Baseball and beanie hats are another category of American closet staples that can bear patriotic symbolism and messages, allowing you to express yourself boldly. They are available in various colors and prints, including camo, and bear the American flag. Besides the conventional headwear, a less conventional option, the durag is also available in patriotic prints.

image 3

5. Joggers And Leggings

Patriotic joggers and leggings featuring an array of symbols from the flag to bold messaging, prints, stripes, and stars are available. You can go as bold or as low-key as you want with patriotic joggers and leggings.


For the ideal patriot, patriotism transcends a basic ideal to become a lifestyle. Conversely, fashion is also a lifestyle element that facilitates self-expression. Therefore, follow the style tips above to express your love of country and stand out as a bold patriot all year round through style.


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